Unboxing: BTS's LY Tear Album + Special PC

Ddaeng! Hello, my wig's just flew off an hour ago because I got this package that contains BTS's new album with a special photo card inside the box. I really screamed my lungs off. Yeah, this is a little too late because this album has been released a month ago and mine just arrives now. And I have a new Jin's fansite mini photobook too. Let's take a look!

a special lenticular's pc

I don't really want to talk about this phenomenal boyband because yeah everybody's just talking about them everywhere, I'm here just to brag about my album. 

As usual, they have a pretty package. I love this one because is black and shiny rainbow gold BTS logo and Love Yourself's text above. I forget to take a pic of their CD because yeah I suck at taking pictures. Also, the standee is going to stand at my desk. 

Ohh I forget to take a picture of the poster too. Damn.

And I got the R version with Suga's photocard. I love him but I really want Jin or RM photocard but I love Suga too oh my god somebody helps me. 

This version is really-really sexy. They look so good in denim hsjgewhajh and their expression? Excuse me sir but why you guys look attractive with that sad emotions.  I love this photobook so much, they're very thicck. High-quality bro.

And if you ask me what is my favs track of this album, the answer is: depends on my moods. Hehehe their song is all-great and high tier song. I rlly like Airplane pt.2 and TTU just now. It will change tomorrow. And don't forget to stream Fake Love.


And I have a new Jin's mini pb too! This one is from his fansite, a little breaver92's nim. He always looks so goood and I will share it a little for you guys.

Aaaah I love one (1) man and his name is Kim Seokjin. Worldwide handsome indeed. I'm gonna put this photobook under my pillow tonight. His looks, his voice, his personality is A+, I can't describe. And he just released a new cover too, please give a listen to his new cover.

Thank you so much! :)

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