Did You Eat Well? (ft. EatJin & SnS)

Hello! It's already holiday time! How you guys spend a holiday? Recently, I just discovered myself. I discovered something that made myself like this. I just discovered 'how to make myself eat more deliciously' lololol not important but whatever. It's hard to find a new topic.

Can I eat that with you?

It's all started with watching all the youtube videos about Kim Seokjin (one of BTS member, in case you don't know) eating some food so deliciously. He has a program named 'EatJin'. The program itself shows him eating the food. I asked myself too why I'm enjoying watching this video as well.

Usually, as I saw on the internet, being idol means you can't eat whatever you want, is all about balance. It shows in this link. How can Park Shin Hye only eat cucumber and drink milk in the morning? Yes, I know the difference between boy and girl. But being an idol means you must eat healthily. For the sake of the job and the fans hehe.

Yes, that person named Seokjin eating chicken and drinking cola made me feels so gratefully everytime I eat something. The way he eats is so beautiful, no, I mean not fangirling myself. You can look by yourself. There are so many 'EatJin' vids and he always eats something like there's no tomorrow. His 'worldwide handsome' face and his 'yum-yum' voice is the plus.

As I know before, there's popular show in Korea named 'muk-bang' right? A video that shows a woman or a man eating an enormous plate of foods? Correct me if I'm wrong. EatJin is close to that show, I think.

Jeff Yang, senior vice president of global research firm The Futures Company, says that mukbangs originated in Korea due to ‘the loneliness of unmarried or uncoupled Koreans, in addition to the inherently social aspect of eating in Korea.’ - metro.uk

Yes, its similar to that. Right, if there's someone by your side, eating is more deliciously. In case there are no people around, to imagine the person you admiring yourself eating with you works that way too. It's sad but that is the way 'EatJin' program made me happy.

And there's something again. The curious about the taste they eat. Because usually he ate something Korean and there's no way I can taste that right now as I watched the video. So I'm just looking at his expression. It's funny sometimes. Oh, I love Seokjin so much.


Don't ever watch SnS in the midnight

And also don't forget this anime! Its reached the final of the third season yesterday. Damn cliffhanger, I just can't wait for next season and tryin' so hard not to read the manga. Yeah, Shokugeki no Souma, you can read the synopsis here. Food Wars, the title said all the things you can find here. The anime and manga itself contain some 18+. And some 'lebay' reactions while the character tasted the food. But, it's so funny lolol. 

Yeah, this guy named Soma-kun and his friend and his enemy always made the food looks so so yuuum. After you watch this shows, you must be curious af about the way the food taste. Damn, the animation is done so well. 

Tempe goreng for ramen? Really?!

All these SnS things made me hungry already. I always try to eat something new and discovered a brand new taste like Soma did. And recently, I just enjoy eating with a chopstick. Although I just eating a fried potato. Also, I add mayo and sauce too. Wait, that's not important.

Done. Do you guys have a point about what I write above? No? Ok, me too. The conclusion is, be sure you eat properly. If you can't, try to watch a video of  'people you admire' eating food, eat with the family, and just watch an anime or some films about food. Maybe it helps. 

You will understand once you played Mystic Messenger

Thanks Jin for showing me such a good video.

All that I can write for today, don't forget to eat properly and be sure you enjoy the food as well. Love yourself and please eat also your country traditional food as many as possible! :)  Feel free to leave a comment about what is your favourite food below. Really appreciate it. Thank you so much.


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