Spend Money in 2 Hours: Comicfest Edition

Hello! Yesterday, I went to the Comifest 2017 in Neo Soho Mall, Jakarta. So glad that finally got my three days holiday and can go out with my next-door friends! As a villager who never comes to Jakarta before, of course, it feels confused how to get there without spending too much money on transportation. Better buy something cool later. But alhamdulillah, we got there safe and sound.

My favorite quotes when it comes to the event like this. Quick edit. That's so trueee. I believed it because yeah, it feels so sad when you missed the things you (should/want) to buy. So, never ever save your money and buy something you like to when you have chances, or not?

The event is located at 3rd and 4th floor. Got there by elevator. Of course is so crowded! And I think I hear my wallet crying secretly. OMG. Heartbeats so fast. 

This is us!

Forgive my photo skills. The light is messed up and blurry everywhere. Hehe. This is my first time went to the indoor-event-market like this. Btw, I don't even watch the main stage and got no photos there. My priority is to buy 'asupan' and 'husbando'. But I see the interview with an international cosplayer, from Taiwan-- I think? She's very pretty. I don't know who she is.

And because this my first time, so I don't understand what this event 'should' have. But in my opinion, the market is great enough. It's cool inside and the booth is neat and clean.

And finally, when I saw the booth, omgomg, my heart started to scream. I put my phone and see the list of the booth I must stand and buy something of course.

And because I'm so excited. I forgot to take a picture. Wow, so many booths who sold an awesome fan merch. And there is all original, not bootleg of course. Again, we should support Indonesian artist. Not buying a 'google images printed' but buy their art. It's more expensive than the bootleg but the legal things always are the best.

There's nothing I can say. I bought some stuff and feels so great (my wallet say no). And tomorrow I will eat 'telor goreng' in the kosan but whatever, I got stuff I want. Here are my 'khilaf' things. Pamer mode: on.

From left to right, its Jumin Han's (from Mystic Messenger) keychain with him using a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress. He's so cute. And one on the right is Gin-chan (from Gintama) pin. I want to buy a pair, him and Hijikata, but dunno, Hijikata's pin shows that he's smoking. It's a big no if I wear it /lah so, I only bought Gintoki.

Again, from left to right. The left one is Choromatsu (from Osomatsu-san). These series make me confused af. I'm terribly sorry not to buy all the Matsuno chara. I love them all but Choromatsu is the most. And I got Yurio (fro Yuri on Ice!), look at the Russian boyy, he's so cute. And the stickers with Islam & London theme. 

And I loveeeeeeeeee them all. I also bought the sticker set of (...) hehehe, it's for the next post. Stay tuned. Thank you for reading this unfaedah post. And do you have some experience in the event comic market like this? Comment below!


  1. waduu.. kudu make kedalaman otak buat baca ini >_<

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  3. hi XD CBOXnya ntah kenapa ga bisa, error :(
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