Notes and Places to Go! [Part One]

Hello folks! I once wrote a post here about the love notes around the world, and this time, I will show-off my favorites. It was an exciting moment when I started to collect and now I already retired (what). The woooorld is surely beautiful! No matter where you from, it comes beautiful. The nature; green grass, sky, snow, flowers, and even the buildings. Love them all! And now let me show my favorite places to go and of course I gonna little-describe the place. This is part one. Gonna post the part two and three soon. 

All of this notes below belong to me, all of them is real handwritten. Personal use only. I'll add some scribbles.

1.      Amsterdam’s canal, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is my first ‘place to go’. Who doesn’t love this country? We have a bad-history but it was long time ago. They have so many canals. I don’t know what this place called, nevermind. The canal is one of ‘Amsterdams landmark’ since they have many. And love the boats too. Wish I can ride one some day.

Of course!

Ok! Someday.

2.      Stonehenge, England
Who doesn’t know the Stonehenge? World of wonder. One of British cultural icon. Still thinking how can they put that rock and how they bring it?

3.      Red Telephone Box, somewhere in the UK
Designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. It’s a basic scenery in the UK, basically. They choose red because of the color is eyechatching, sad also when the boxes gets removed day by day because we have a new technology. I wish I could try one, then called someone from here.

The inside?

4.      Statue of Liberty, New York, USA
Famous landmark from NY, basically. Don’t know why New York is so cool. Collosal statue in the Liberty island, New York. This statue is also France’s gift for the USA. You can feel the freeeeeeeeeedom!

Wanna feel the freeeeedom!

5.      Times Square, Manhattan, New York, USA
Told you again that NY is so cool. Times Square, the most busy street. Ever. You can see the light around, the people, the big-tv or whatever its called. Major commercial place, tourism destination, entertaiment centre, business. All about business. Wish I can visit Times Square, especially when its New Year. Gonna see the fireworks, the lights, the artist, and the peoples, the money also (lol why).

Charging Bull (and The Fearless Girls), New York, USA
It’s New York again. Now its time for the bull statue in Wall Street. As an accounting student and loves the money (why), Wall Street is so cool! This is where the place where you can find all about business, theres one thing come into my mind: stock market. Great. Charging Bull is famous bull statue, and I got a bonus too, the Fearless Girls, it’s for celebrating womens day, I think. Its already get removed.

Wanna see the stock market too

7.      Cullen House in movie Twilight, Portland, Oregon, USA
Remember the scene when Edward take Bella to his house? Here is it. The house is real, but its a private residence. Not allowed to enter or sneak the home, but I think its allowed to take a photo on the street? Its pretty and big house! And its one of my favorite movie lol.

8.      Hawaiian Beach, USA
Beach! The blue sky, and the palm tree is awesome af. Especially Hawaii, they got a pretty scenery. And love the notes too, draws a pinneaple. Tropical island typical. Love that!

9.      Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
Belonging to Maya’s people. One of Mexican Heritage since AD600-900. It’s a big building with great architecture. Its unique and super cool!

10.   Kangaroo from somewhere in Australia
Kangaroo! An animal who basically live in Australia. G’day mate, he said, lol. Kangaroo is funny animal, look the way he jump and their child in the pocket. Wanna meet them and pat in his head.

11.  St. Basil Cathederal, Moscow, Russia
Church in Red Square, Moscow. Its a very unique church since they have colorful one. World famous landmark. UNESCO World heritage site.

 Niagara Falls, Canadian Side, Ontario, Canada
Collective name for three waterfalls accros USA-Canada. I got the Canadian side one, with the lights on, the waterfall seems so perfect! I can’t imagine how that the waterfall sounds.

13.   Opera House, Sydney, Australia
The multi-venue buildings in Australia. Its a famous landmark? Maybe. The building architecture looks so great in white! 


Okay, so, thats it my 13 favorite place to go! I'll add the rest in the next post soon. Theres so many places I wanna go! Thank you.

(Preview part 2: another world of wonder, football stadium, flower fields, and many more! make sure you follow my blog)


  1. Heu. Aku cumak pengen ke Bali en Lombok lagi aja masik belom terkabul. :(

    1. akuu juga mau kesana dan belum terkabul juga :(

  2. Lovely! It is so interesting to collect this kind of stuff, right?
    I keep all my dreams in a scrapbook...and it is still on-going. It includes places I wanna visit too...LOL. But same same here...wish I could visit Bali too. hihi....

  3. Btw, I wish all your dreams come true!!! Yes, Amsterdam is so beautiful, only choose the right day to visit. Late spring will do. https://thebeautyofsplendid.blogspot.my/2016/05/amsterdam-for-1-hour.html
    The UK telephone booths are cute too, I hope you can get in there one day, they are everywhere in the UK. and the Stonehedge view is breath-taking, but you can't get in there to touch the stones. There are fences everywhere, but still...it will worth a visit..... With love.

    1. Yes thank you so much.
      Ooooh, I know it right, already read your articles about it and I envy you so much.


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