Unboxing: My Favorite Character!

Someday, I opened facebook and saw someone on the group (it's Gintama Fans Indonesia. Really, if you like Gintama, you must join) post an giveaway entries. To get a chance for win, I must answer several question about Gintama. I'm super pumped.

shinsengumi's vice commander

I'm so excited about this. I remember there's a ten question I must answer, it's quite hard too since Gintama has 300 and more episodes. And if you want to answer the question properly, you must watch an entire series if you can not remember. 

Spend my time to answering the question, rewatching the anime and re-read the manga for 3 times. I mean, yes, hard. So hard.

But finally, I can answer them all. Submited them and finish. Wait and pray,

And guess what?

I won!

My heart fields with joy. I won the first prize, it's mean that, I won Hijikata's figure! My husbando! I'm dying and gonna die. I wanna hug Septa-san (he's the one who made this giveaway) for letting me win. I have Hijikata figure for free now.

He's super nice. He tell me nomor resi JNE. It's for real. And days later, abang JNE come to my home and he give me the package.

The package its super hard to open, to make it safe,  I opened it with knife. Dont forget to take a pic too, hahaha. This is the best moment ever right? When you got someting you really want in a package and can't wait to open.

Finally! Its opened. Look at my husbando! He can't wait to get touched with me!! *get killed* No, I mean, I can't wait to touch him. Its preloved, but still great! Theres no dust on him. The box is a bit broken but its no problem. He's called 'G.E.M Series: Hijikata Toshiro' you can googled it.

I'm in hurry so I can not take a better pic with him. But he's still awesome, right? And I forget to open his sword lol. Sorry. 

And yea, thats it. I never have a figure before, so, this is my first figure. He's so alone! I can't wait for buying new one if I have money of course. It's cool! And anyone have a tips to treat a figure? Comment below! Thank you so much.


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