about me ☆

Gambar unyuu dari Dinda;) Love it, because Oranje is the best!

Got this from kak Nie! Lucu! And you can grab free doodles from her page too. So cute.

Because people only shows a good thing on the internet. And there's me sitting down in front of my laptop and write shit that I want to write.

My name is Meutia, blogging (or just writing a random embarassing thing) since 2011 and so on till now...

(please forgive me for the old-post I made it back then, alay things always happen, just don't look back at my old post;;)

I love watching anime and read some manga (wibu alert) and listening to Adam Levine's beautiful voice. And in love with BTS's Kim Seokjin voice. I'm XXXX years old. Older than u? Maybe. Fangirling a lot. Tell me if we have a same interest! I'd love to know yoooooouu. 

And you can contact me on Facebook. Ask me anything that you want on Ask.fm. And follow my Instagram. And this is my second blog. Thank you for give a walk here. Sorry for my bad english.