Notes and Places to Go! [Part Two]

Hello! It’s me again! I promised to make a part-two about places I’d love to go! Now, I have the monument, buildings, garden, stadium, and everything awesome! All the pics are mine, for personal use. Just want to show the world, every place is beautiful! Alhamdulillah.

And I add some scribbled because I don’t wanna someone use it for other purposed. Enjoy all the pics and tell me what is your favorite through the comment section!


14. Las Vegas Strip Sign, LV, Nevada, USA

Fabulous! That's what the strip says.  Yes, it’s really fabulous. LV is a big city with million population. “Las Vegas, baby!” The sign is made by a local salesman in Nevada.

15. Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame, California, USA

The Hollywood sign is situated on Mount Lee. The sign makes frequent appearances in popular culture, particularly in establishing shots for films and television programs set in or around Hollywood. Signs of similar style, but spelling different words, are frequently seen as parodies. And also the Walk of Fame. It's a star with famous person’s sign. Favorite tourist destination. It's cool, right?

 16. Sherlock Holmes Museum, London, UK

Who doesn't know the famous detective with deerstalker hat? Sherlock! The museum! Now, its all about him. The museum is located also in 221B, Baker Street, City of Westminster. It opened in 1990. The museum is run by the Sherlock Holmes Society of England, a non-profit organization. We can see all the entire room, the living room, the doctor Watson’s room, and the books. It’s awesome!

17.  Emirates Stdm, London, UK

The Emirates Stadium is a football stadium in Holloway, LondonEngland, and the home of Arsenal Football Club. With a capacity of over 60,000, it is the third-largest football stadium in England. Cool, isn’t it? I hope I can go there and see the match. I used to fangirl over Arsenal and so happy to have this.

18. Colloseum, Rome, Italy

Although partially ruined because of damage caused by earthquakes and stone-robbers, the Colosseum is still an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome. It is one of Rome's most popular tourist attractions. Its the largest amphitheater ever built. Also, so old!  So cool! So big!

19. Big Ben and London Eye, London, UK

The famous landmark from London’s here! Big Ben is a super awesome giant clock placed after the Palace of Westminster. The London Eye is the big ferris wheel, known as Coca-Cola London Eye, don’t know why, though.

20. Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Also known as Menara Kembar Petronas, a famous landmark in Malaysia. Basically, if you visit Malaysia, you must take a photo with the tower! If not, do you really visit Malaysia? It's cool! It must be amazing also when you can look after the city in the top of the tower.

21. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Love! Love! Who doesn’t know the symbol of love? I mean, Eiffel!! The famous tower in the world, you can see their pic everywhere, in the bag, keychain, book, everywhere!! Gustave Eiffel must be so proud!

22. Keukenhof Garden, Lisse, the Netherlands

Garden of Europe! Tulips! Rainbow! Yes, its a biggest garden in Europe. According to the official website for the Keukenhof Park, approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted annually in the park, which covers an area of 32 hectares. So big!

23. Machu Picchu, Peru

Another awesome heritage! Machu Picchu was built in the classical Inca style. It made them super awesome with some green things. Really want to visit! But, I think it's tired to climb off, huh?

24. Empire State Buildings, New York, USA

A skyscraper in New York City, as seen in the films, it's so big and great! It must be expensive to enter the building as well. The lighting at the top, uh, so cool!

25. Dubai

I don't know where is it but its Dubai!! Looks at the city, glamorous and luxurious city in the world, its super awesome and smells like oil, no just joking. Hello! I think I must go to Dubai and search for oil-prince.

26. Hans Christian Andersen Statue, Denmark

Oh! Here is he! My favorite writer, for child stories, I mean, when I was a little girl, I really love his stories! I even bought a biography-comic of him. Andersen’s fairy tales have known in every country! Denmark man! Also the Little Mermaid, ugh, coool!


That's all I have for part 2. It's made me happy so much to see how beautiful the world can be. So jealous that I can't visit and see them through my own eyes. But the notes they made with my name, yay! My name around the world! Thank you so much for reading! Gonna post the part 3 real soon.


  1. wowwwww so freakin cool!!! visit so many places already :'( one day... one day... TT^TT

    wow you come to Malaysia already? XD cool XD

    wowwwww I really wanna go to Machu Picchu..

    1. no, it's not me:( i got that notes from someone else lolol and I wish I can visit Malaysia too

    2. TT^TT I thought it was yours as you mention at the first post all pictures are yours XD hehehe I guess my mistake as I didn't read the last sentences TT^TT pardon my mistake :'(


  3. I've always wanted to to visit Eiffel Tower!

  4. Wow! You have so much in your list. Hope you can visit the places one day.

  5. Yup! I hope we can visit the places one day. // > v <

  6. You're so lucky to have friends all around the world :D


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